After NYC I went on to do GCSE’s, college, then a mechanical engineering degree at Brunel University leading to a Masters in renewable energy. I specialised in hydrogen and hybrid vehicles and now work on solar, wind and battery storage projects as an Engineering Director.

NYC provided the opportunity to be in nature, to grow up playing in streams, and gave me a practical sense of building things from wood, metal, and through crafts. I learnt practical skills, which gave me a good grounding for life. These days, everything comes in a box, we’ve lost a connection to real life; sustainable living, growing, making and fixing. 

My favourite memory? Two things stick out, the nature walks that we did through the woodland whilst walking up and down streams. Secondly, the deep bond with my classmates. It was more like a family than a class. 

What I loved about NYC was the lessons. Main lessons were very engaging as you get fully immersed in the subject, which made it very interesting. The emphasis was on the subject as opposed to an exam.

11 years at Nant-y-Cwm