Family Group

‘’.. It was such a beautiful opportunity for me and my baby to connect with eachother. The room was homely and relaxing, and it was always nourishing being with other like-minded parents. It prepared my child for going to Kindy – they were already aware of the setting and the rhythm’’

– Parent

The inside of a classroom at Nant-Y-Cwm

family group:
0 – 3 years

Family group is set in our homely and nourishing River Kindergarten classroom. We have small groups, allowing each child to find at their own pace, the confidence to explore the world around them. Parents find a calm atmosphere, support, friendship, humour and inspiration from both the group leaders and each other. Sharing their parenting journey whilst creating freshly baked bread and hand crafts, this is a perfect way to introduce yourself and your child to the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy.

building a solid foundation

Family group helps children to gradually become ready to interact with their peers outside of the home. The group rhythm includes nursery rhymes, puppet plays, simple songs, simple crafts and bread baking. A snack is shared, and the children play whilst the adults are engaged in meaningful creative activity. Children in our program enjoy simple toys made from natural materials, that allow and encourage them to explore their imagination.


Family groups currently run on a Thursday and Friday each term week. They being at 10am and finish at 12:30.


Each session is £10 per single child and £12 for siblings. We do not have “drop in” sessions, thus families are asked to book a place on their chosen day of the week and pay in advance for a term. This provides a known group for both the children and parents, enabling support and friendships to grow. If you would like to come for a taster day, or to visit the school generally then please get in touch.