At Nant-y-Cwm Steiner School we have teams of dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

The Teaching Team has 15 members consisting of 4 fully trained Steiner Waldorf Class Teachers; 1 Steiner Waldorf Afternoon Care Teacher, cover teacher and Teaching Assistant ; 4 Subject Teachers: Eurythmy, Woodwork, Handwork and Music. The main school also have 5 recruited volunteers and 1 recruited cover teacher.

The Early Education Team has 7 members consisting of 2 fully trained Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten Teachers; 2 Kindergarten assistants; 1 Parent Child Group Co-op Ordinator and facilitator. The Early Education Team also have 1 recruited Kindergarten assistant and 1 volunteer parent child group facilitator.

The school is also supported by an Administrator, Financial Administrator, Premises Co Ordinator, and cleaner.

The ethos of the school is upheld by the Collegiate Team (consisting of teaching staff) and the legal employer are the School Governance Team.

The School Governance Team consists of 3 recruited volunteers. In total the school employs 15 members of staff with 8 recruited volunteers.

In main school all our Class Teachers are fully trained Steiner Waldorf Teachers. Our Kindergarten teachers are fully trained Steiner Waldorf Early Education Teachers. The majority of the teaching staff are also educated to degree level, including our subject teachers who also have specialist knowledge in the subject that they teach.