Governance Review

Nant-y-Cwm Steiner School Governance Document Review 2019

Thank you for looking for these documents as part of the consultation with the School Association Membership. Please click on the links below to view any of the documents.

The special resolution at the forthcoming AGM will be to adopt the amended Articles of Association (number 4 below), as publicised in the document sent to School Association members on 4 June 2019.

SGT are recommending that the School Association members accept the resolution.

Please address any questions or comments on this resolution or the consultation to SGT via email to


1. The original 1980 Memorandum and Articles of Association

2. The  Proposed 2019 Articles of Association, including highlighted differences,with the 1980 original, and comments on them.

3. A summary of the significant differences between the 1980 original and the proposed 2019 Articles.

4. The Proposed Articles of Association to be agreed by special resolution at the 2019 AGM